Cartoonist and Illustrator




FORCES OF GEEK (JULY 09, 2018) GUMBALLS by Lenny Schwartz

VULTURE (JULY 02, 2018) The 8 Best Comics to Read in July By Abraham Riesman

THE COMICS JOURNAL (JUNE 28, 2018) Gumballs by Daniel Schindel

PAGE 45 (JUNE 18, 2018) GUMBALLS by Stephen L. Holland

AIPT (MARCH 17, 2018) Gumballs #4 by Eric Cline

AIPT (MARCH 13, 2018) Gumballs #3 by Eric Cline

AIPT (FEBUARY 24, 2018) Gumballs #2 by Eric Cline

HORNET (FEBUARY 08, 2018) 'Gumballs,' The First Published Comics Memoir By A Trans Cartoonist, Combines Humor and Autobiography by Matt Keeley

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (FEBUARY 08, 2018) Top Shelf Previews Its 2018 Graphic Novel Slate by David Canfield

AIPT (JANUARY 31, 2017) Gumballs #1 by Eric Cline

COMICOSITY (DECEMBER 29, 2017) Best Series of 2017: Gumballs by Matt Santori

MULTIVERSITY COMICS (DECEMBER 18, 2017) Gumballs #4 by Kate Kosturski

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (DECEMBER 08, 2017) Spring 2018 Announcements: Comics & Graphic Novels by Heidi MacDonald

COMIC CRUSADERS (AUG 18 2017) Gumballs #3 by Jennifer Deross

MULTIVERSITY COMICS (AUG 07 2017) Gumballs #2 by Nicholas Palmieri

COMICSVERSE (MAY 03 2017) Gumballs #2 Review: Refreshingly Authentic by Lindsey Mott        

COMIC SLOBS (MARCH 03, 2017) Episode 104: Green Lantern

THE COMICS ALTERNATIVE PODCAST (JANUARY 18, 2017) Episode 223: Reviews of Trump: The Complete Collection, The Few #1, and Gumballs #1 by Andy Kunka and Derek Royal

THE CREATORS PROJECT (DEC 23 2016) Gumballs #1 by Giaco Furino

COMICSVERSE (DEC 22 2016) Gumballs: A Transmale Look at Toxic Masculinity by Madeleine Slade

OMNICOMIC (DEC 22 2016) Gumballs #1 by OMNICOMIC

MULTIVERSITY COMICS (DEC 12 2016) Gumballs #1 by Vince Ostrowski


LIBRARY JOURNAL (JUNE 19, 2018) Graphically Speaking: Sequential Art Continues To Proliferate | Spotlight on Graphic Novels by Jody Osicki

BUZZFEED (AUGUST 18, 2017) 28 Trans, Queer, and Non-Binary Comics Creators Who Tell The Stories We Need Right Now by Will Varner

COMICOSITY (APRIL 18, 2017) Queerer Than Ever: 30 MORE Indie Titles Doing Right by LGBTA Fans by Matt Santori

PORTLAND MONTHLY (JAN 12 2017) This Comic By An Openly Trans Portlander Belongs On Your Reading List by Jason Buehrer

COMICS ALLIANCE (DECEMBER 15, 2016) Erin Nations Tackles Growing Up, Phone Calls, and Gender Identity in Gumballs #1 by Kieran Shiach 

COMICS WORTH READING (OCT 03 2016) Top Shelf Returns To Comic Book Format After A Decade Away by Johanna Draper Carlson

IPF (AUG 16 2016) Erin Nations: The Transgender Cartoonist Using Art To Document His Transition by Isabela Vrba

BUSINESS INSIDER (AUG 16 2016) A Cartoonist Is Documenting His Transition With Original Comics by Talia Lakritz

BUZZFEED (JULY 22 2016) This Cartoonist Is Using His Artwork To Document His Transition by Sarah Karlan


COMICS ALTERNATIVE (JUNE 22, 2018) Interview: Erin Nations with Derek Royal

COMICCON[DOT]COM (NOVEMBER 15, 2017) Seeing Humanity Through Comics - Erin Nations On His Career & Telling Transgender Stories by Hannah Means Shannon

MULTIVERSITY COMICS (NOVEMBER 15, 2017) Erin Nations Talks "Gumballs" by Kate Kosturksi

COMICS BEAT (AUG 04 2017) Erin Nations Explores Phone Anxiety and Gender In Gumballs by Alex Dueben

XRAY IN THE MORNING (JANUARY 31, 2017) Radio Interview 

COMICSVERSE (DEC 26 2016) Interview with Erin Nations: An Important New Voice by Liam Nolan

GEEKS OUT (DEC 19 2016) Interview with Erin Nations, The Comics Confectioner Behind Gumballs by Aria Baci

EUZINE FEST (NOV 01 2016) Artist Interview: Erin Nations

FTM MAGAZINE (OCT 31 2016) See How Erin Nations Uses Cartoons To Document His Transition by Jason Robert Ballard

COMICOSITY (OCTOBER 27, 2016) Queer Visibility Interview: Erin Nations Pops Out with Gumballs by Matt Santoria-Griffith

PORTLAND ZINE SYMPOSIUM (JULY 05 2016) PZS Exhibitor: Erin Nations

STICKERBOMB (MAY 26 2016) Featured Artist: Erin Nations