Cartoonist and Illustrator




Twins-Triplet is a comic book about self discovery and growing up as a triplet. It's a story about my transition from childhood to adulthood.

The story follows Erin, a shy reclusive tomboy struggling to break free from society's misconceptions of identical siblings. Born a triplet, she must fight for a separate identity from her identical sister and break free from the dependency they have become accustomed to. While struggling to become an individual, Erin is also presented with new challenges over the years. She is viewed as a spectable, has incompetent social skills, a speech impediment that makes her susceptible to taunts, and is conflicted with her identity. However, she learns to overcome these obstacles that will later help shape her into the person she becomes and will also aid her through the process of discovering who she is.

26 PGS ll DIGITALLY PRINTED ll 7.25" X 5.5"